5 flowers in the color of Pantone 2018

5 flowers in the color of Pantone 2018

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The highly-regarded Pantone Institute is categorical: ultra-violet is THE color of the year 2018. And more precisely, the shade 18-3838, a deep violet supposed to be at once pop, cosmic and non-conformist. To test this intense color at home without redoing all its decor, here are 5 ultra-violet flowers to make large bouquets and ultra-trendy planters!

Purple crocuses

Even before the official arrival of spring, crocuses are among the first flowers of the year to offer us their colors. If they are available in yellow, white, pink or lavender blue, they are also very often dark purple, with bright yellow stamens. If you did not anticipate the color of the year by planting ultra-violet bulbs last fall, there is still time to buy them in a pot to plant them in a planter or even indoors in vases or jars filled with soil. How to make a spring composition with crocuses?

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Crocuses perfectly in the spirit of Pantone 2018!

Purple lisianthus

Graceful and poetic, lisianthus is a flower so beautiful that all the pretexts are good to offer as often as possible at the florist. And good news, if it is often white, pink, blue or purple, this sublime American flower also exists in deep purple. And even without its Pantone color chart on hand to verify that it matches the shade 18-3838, this lisianthus is definitely pop and cosmic. Very chilly, it is also grown in a greenhouse or veranda in the South of France.

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A bouquet of purple lisianthus, pure floral happiness


A must in spring gardens, the iris is one of the most majestic and symbolic flowers there is. Named thus by the Greeks in homage to the goddess Iris, messenger between the Gods and the Men, it is also a symbol of purity for the Christians and the real symbol of the French royalty in the Middle Ages. Which flower can therefore best embody the description of the color of the year in the official Pantone press release: "Complex and contemplative, Ultra-Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what awaits us and the discoveries in beyond what we are today ... "Our advice for growing irises.

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The iris, a cosmic and symbolic flower


In the large family of Clematis, certain varieties meet all the conditions to be elected flowers of the year 2018 according to Pantone. Let us quote for example the cultivar "'Etoile Violette", whose large flowers bring a touch of mystery to the garden throughout the summer, the sublime "Black Prince" whose name seems to be a tribute to the interpreter of Purple Rain, or again the 'Jackmanii clematis violet', a deep mauve with golden stamens. So many sublime varieties to cultivate in the garden to enjoy all summer long their immense, extremely decorative flowers…


The immense flowers of clematis, happiness all summer

Purple dahlias

For an ultra-violet end of summer and trendy bouquets, the giant dahlia 'Thomas A Edison' is the ideal flower this year. Deep purple and velvety, it would certainly have seduced Prince, Jimmy Hendrix and David Bowie, sponsors despite themselves of this 2018 color. Resolutely bewitching, it can be easily ordered on the internet and is planted in a rich and well exposed land after the Saints of ice. A little wonder to cultivate this year and all the next without hesitation!

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The Dahlia 'Thomas A Edison', so 2018!