8 inspirations to take from WeWork to furnish your office

8 inspirations to take from WeWork to furnish your office

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Can you feel as good at work as at home? Can decorating an office encourage concentration and creativity? Can you really be productive while working on a sofa? To all these questions, the WeWork workspace network answers yes, a thousand times yes, and proves it through the development of inspiring open spaces around the world. Zoom on 8 design concepts that change office life!

A meeting room that spins fishing

During a meeting between collaborators, the ideal is that everyone feels in their place, that ideas fuse and that new ways of seeing things emerge. At the end of a successful meeting, everyone must leave with more energy and motivation, ready to overturn the mountains! So we forget about the cold neon lights, the hard chairs and the depressing PowerPoint, and we replace all that with comfortable sofas, a welcoming decor and a message of personal development posted on the walls. Chick?

© WeWork "Can I kick? Yes, you can!"

A green office for a Zen atmosphere

In the office as at home, plants only want us good. They calm us down, reassure us, help us focus and even love our work. And it is not the garden center next door that says it, but very serious scientific studies carried out all over the world. So we transform the workspace into an urban jungle, with plant-based wallpaper on the walls, plants rising from floor to ceiling, trees and green plants everywhere. Zen, zen, zen.

© WeWork I want plants in my office!

Nooks and crannies to focus

All freelancers who seek inspiration while working in cafes know this: the best place to concentrate is in a bubble of your own, in the midst of others. Too much loneliness leads to procrastination, too many people prevent you from thinking well. And if the ideal was to develop individual spaces within the open space, where to go to focus the time to deal with a large file? Are we talking to big boss?

© WeWorkA perched nest where you can get inspiration

A bar for working at the counter

To work for hours on end without losing motivation and without hurting your back, long live the work counter! Perched on a high stool we do not see the passage of time and we perceive the agitation of the world from another angle. As at the counter, links are created between employees during an atypical work session. A beautiful idea that combines decor and conviviality.

© WeWork Today, I work at the counter!

A staircase to work differently

In the premises of WeWork in Philadelphia, workspaces have been set up on the steps of a very large staircase, with simple colored mattresses. Creatives who want to work in a semi-recumbent position, the computer on their knees, find the perfect place to work like at home, the energy of the place more. And why not ?

© WeWork Atypical places to dare to shake up the codes

Light, comfort and color

In all workspaces designed and furnished by the team of artists and engineers at WeWork, priority is given to comfort, personalization and natural light. Because to work well, you have to feel as good as at home, each space is decorated with energizing colors and natural materials. The impersonal, uniform and bi-colored office decoration would not be inevitable?

© WeWorkHalte for standardization!

An ultra cozy executive office

In Berlin, the Sony Center fitted out by WeWork proves that one can think of decorating a management office exactly like one's living room. Swing chair, rattan armchair covered with sheepskin, colorful carpet, designer lighting, coffee table and green plants ... Power also changes codes!

© WeWork Office or living room?

XXL quotes

Very popular at the moment, the inspirational quotes displayed on the walls set the tone for a work room and boost the motivation of employees. Quirky, inspiring or funny, they should never put pressure on but build team spirit or encourage personal development. And yes, even decoration can do management!

© WeWork Respect the agitation!


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