8 creative ideas for children's spring menus

8 creative ideas for children's spring menus

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It's the same story every night. Kids only want buttery pasta and ketchup fries, while you'd like to whip up some good, seasonal vegetables packed with vitamins to help them grow. And if it was enough to change the presentation of the plate to get everyone to agree? 8 ideas to decorate children's spring plates!

Radish mice

As an aperitif or on the edge of the plate, little pink mice with big ears and long white tails are just waiting to be devoured by your little cat! Crunchy and crunchy, they are quickly made by cutting notches with a knife and sliding ears into radish slices, round or triangular. For the eyes, the ideal is to invest in a black food felt which will also be used to draw on hard-boiled eggs and carrots ... Otherwise two peppercorns will do the trick, but you will have to remove them before crunching these adorable mice!

© Hello day

Two little mice found on the Bonjour le Jour blog…

A rainbow of vegetables

With this express raw vegetables recipe, the whole family will push "Oh" and "Ah" at the table. Because the pleasure of eating also passes through the eyes, the ingredients of this salad of vegetables are simply presented in rows of colors, like a rainbow. Corn kernels for yellow, carrot rings for orange, cherry tomato rings for red, radish slices for pink, cucumber rings for green, cabbage for purple…

© Live learn love eat

Today, we draw with food!

A train of raw vegetables

For a festive meal or aperitif, the vegetable train is a classic that no child can resist ... The principle is simple: we dig sections of cucumbers or peppers to make the locomotive and freight cars, we fix large ones carrot slices with toothpicks to make the wheels, and we fill the wagons with raw vegetables to peck with your fingers… Choo, Choo… the vegetables are coming!

A great idea for a centerpiece for the table of little ones!

Snails in peas

If the bowl of canned peas doesn't appeal to loulou, why not offer him to eat snails… in peas? Prefer the fresh or frozen peas, and align them on the plate to make the body of the snails. For the shell, wrap a slice of ham around a piece of cheese, or prepare a round mini omelette. Finally, do not forget the antennae, in ham or in pepper, and finish with two peas for the eyes. And if you have finally decided to buy a food felt pen, draw two small dots on it!

© Kiri

A great recipe idea found on the Kiri site!

Spinach turtles

Surprisingly, many children in the 21st century seem to love spinach… And it is not this puff pastry turtle that will say the opposite! Stuffed with chopped spinach and spiced with olive oil, it has a head, pasta and tail cut from fresh spinach leaves and a Kiri eye with a piece of black olive. A treat for young and old!

© Kiri

"Children, we are eating turtles tonight!"

Tomato flowers

From spring to the end of summer, the market stalls are covered with tomatoes of all colors: red, orange, yellow, black, white ... What if these beautiful colors inspired bouquets of flowers? Just cut the tomato into quarters like an orange, open it and place an olive or a grain of corn in the center…

Edible flowers or bouquets of vegetables?

An egg-vegetable clown

The little ones will love this funny clown, made with a fried egg, grated carrots for the hair, cucumber slices for the hat, and a piece of tomato or pepper for the mouth (which can also be replaced with a dash of ketchup!). And then you will have put so much love in this recipe, that loulou should not sulk in front of his plate, but rather start to sing "I have a big yellow nose, two lines under my eyes, a hat that moves, a mischievous air… "!

An ultra-simple recipe to make!

Beetroot pink soup

Finally, if the beets and vinaigrette make your children make faces, why not offer them a cold beet soup? Simply mix the cooked and cold beets with a little broth and Greek yogurt, and present them in glasses or cups, explaining that it is a magic potion of princess or a drink of pirates… Guaranteed success!

A color that appetites!

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