Bar stools: our highly desirable selection

Bar stools: our highly desirable selection

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It was chosen above all for its practicality. The bar stool has a new look in the kitchen or living room. Around a central island, a bar or a high table, it is friendly and now elegant. Industrial, modern or retro, find the one you like!

© Philips Elody white bar stool, € 104.90 *, Kokoon Design

High chair style, this model is mounted on a slightly bleached oak wood structure which gives it an elegant Scandinavian look. Its cushion covered with imitation leather offers maximum comfort.

© StockSnap Bar stool, € 129 *, Beliani

Adept of ultra contemporary interiors and designer furniture, this stool will seduce you with its finely worked wooden seat. It has the advantage of being adjustable in height and displaying a certain comfort with its adjustable footrest.

© Philips Retro bar stool, € 143.40 *, Pégane

Succumb to the retro look of this cozy stool to give style to the kitchen or living room. We love its vintage line, its practicality with its swivel structure and its footrest, as well as the comfort of its soft seat.

© The greenies Bar stool with Caravelle backrest, € 139 *, Pier Import

This Caravelle stool made from wood extracted from Indonesian boat hulls fulfills your desires elsewhere. You will appreciate the variations in color of the material, which makes each model unique and its metal structure resistant.

© Philips Filel bar stool, € 59 *, NosEnviesDeco

At first glance, we find this very cozy Filel stool with its welcoming seat, its clean lines and its beautifully worked wood. A very current model that has the art of accommodating all styles, around a bar or a central island.

© Fleux Up High bar stool, € 139.90 *, White Label

An industrial style subtly asserted for this model of straight stool! Made of polypropylene and topped with a solid ash seat, it displays a slightly rounded line which gives it a crazy charm.

© Ikea Cybelle designer bar stool, € 84.87 *, So-Inside

This high Cybelle model is so beautiful! Made of solid wood with its soft gray fabric seat, it has everything from a designer and cozy stool that we can imagine around the high table to receive friends in a friendly atmosphere.

© Emodi Industrial design bar stool, € 79.99 *, Comptoir XL

It's the industrial look revisited with this bright red bi-material model. It reminds us of the famous Tolix stool with its very resistant steel structure, with the difference that its seat is made of wood. We bet it will have a little effect in the kitchen! Discover all the other models available here. (*) Prices noted on the site on 03/16/2018, subject to change based on commercial offers.