8 decorative ideas to make your garden beautiful

8 decorative ideas to make your garden beautiful

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With the arrival of spring, it is time to reinvest the garden. Planter, fountain, letter box decorate our outdoor spaces so that they gain in personality and conviviality. Go green with 8 lovely ideas.

Decorative plant carrier in wood and wrought iron, € 91.99 *, Atmosphera

This is a nice alternative to pots and beds to stage flowers and plants. This wooden and wrought iron garden bike has a rustic and rustic allure. Your plantations will easily take their ease there.

Cement garden rabbit statue, € 15.99 *, Country lane

If you do not start raising rabbits and installing a hutch, which is not within everyone's reach, you will fall for this cement sculpture in the likeness of the small mammal. Your garden will be even more alive!

Cast iron bird feeder, € 8.90 *, Country lane

Nature lovers, you cannot imagine a garden without the birds that find refuge there. With this cast iron bird bath, serving as a manger in the winter, drinking trough in the summer, chickadees, sparrows and other robins will be your friends!

Iron wall gate sign, € 26.90 *, Country lane

Is your garden rather large and in English style with rather wild vegetation? This sign is an original way to decorate a door that leads you there to signify that here is the entrance to paradise!

Small rooster weather vane, 22,80 € *, Aubry Gaspard

We combine business with pleasure by installing a weather vane in the garden, on the roof of a shelter or a tool shack. This galvanized metal rooster displays a retro charm that will indicate the direction of the wind like the four cardinal points.

Mailbox with 1 door, € 52.90 *, Signed

Why would our mailbox always look sad? This resin model, on the contrary, recalls the holidays. Approved by the Post Office for its volume and its lock, it looks great in front of the house and welcomes only good news!

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Large wall fountain, € 79 *, Country lane

Rather than a simple tap and its hose, opt for a decorative wall fountain. Antique gray patina to make as if it had always existed, made of cast aluminum to make it resistant, it has a very refreshing charm!

Yannick basin fountain, € 83.34 *, Ubbink

When you are lucky enough to have a pond in your garden, adding a fountain is a real pleasure for the eyes and hearing. This model in the shape of a child's statue is ultra romantic. What could be more soothing than the sound of water flowing in the garden? All the other ideas to brighten up your garden here! (*) Prices noted on the site on 04/12/2018, subject to change depending on commercial offers.