The city is displayed in decoration

The city is displayed in decoration

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Paris, New York and London are in the spotlight in decoration. First on the walls thanks to stickers, but also on coffee tables, armchairs and lampshades thanks to the progress of digital. The major capitals find their place in all the rooms of the house and allow a very urban and colorful decoration.

Stickers and trompe l'oeil Capital

The sticker invasion continues its effect by offering an infinite possibility of patterns. After the baroque style, the metropolises of the world appear on the walls in all colors and all formats: New York buildings, Eiffel Tower or London buses, the sticker becomes urban! For the children's bedroom, Mimi'lou created the adhesive with the fuchsia pink line "Paris by Louca" (24 cm x 18 cm). Anaïs Garat for Art Sticker dresses the walls of the living room or bedroom with a large format vinyl sticker (105 cm x 43 cm) entitled "Around the world". Hats off to Paristic, a company of urban stickers, which diverts the architecture of the most beautiful capital of the world, to bring it into our interiors. Paris roofs, lampposts, wrought iron balconies are available in the form of trompe l'oeil adhesives. The "plus": XXL formats (up to 243 cm wide) which can be used at the head of the bed or which can be used to cover a section of wall.

Capital photo transfer

The photo transfer on decorative support is first of all Renoma Design Projects which brought it into our interiors, and the must, at this moment, is the architecture of cities. Black and white "urban" photography, already very popular in decoration, is expressed on new supports. Like the very urban collection of Téo Jasmin which displays London, Paris and New York on almost all the furniture and accessories: cushions, sofas, armchair or lampshade. "Big apple" offers one of its most beautiful views on a classic two-seater sofa, the famous London buses are displayed on the back of a convertible chair and for those who cultivate English humor, they will now be able to sit on the Union Jack!

Decorative objects Capital

The LZC workshop develops a range of colorful tea towels and dishes with the effigy of Paris. You can even hang a small metal Eiffel Tower in your hallway. To dress a sofa, "Hello my cushion", a company created by a stylist and a graphic designer, offers a wide range of visuals on cushions. Each piece is unique and the patterns are inspired by old antique documents, travel souvenirs or unusual objects. Thus, old Paris transport tickets or old postcards printed on cushions will bring a deliciously retro side to your decor.


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