Video: Staging a columnar cactus

Video: Staging a columnar cactus

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The columnar cactus is a depolluting plant which absorbs the waves emitted by television and computer screens. Very spectacular and with large thorns, it is not necessarily very obvious to stage it. Here is a decor idea that highlights its monumental side.

Decorative step: Staging a depolluting cactus

Level : Very easy Completion time : 15 minutes Indicative cost : 63 euros Necessary material : - Zinc pot = 30 euros - Black pebbles = 23 euros - Black flower sticker = 10 euros - 4 Bricks - 2 large plastic pots with a diameter smaller than the pot Step 1: Install the cactus - Place inside the zinc pot four bricks at the bottom to counterweight - Then interpose two plastic pots to raise it - Place the cactus with its pot filled with soil in the center of the zinc pot - Cover with black pebbles Deco Step 2: Customize the zinc pot - Peel off the transparent film from the sticker and rub down in certain places if the film resists - Apply the sticker to the pot. For a more decorative effect, it is preferable that the pattern runs on several sides of the pot - Smooth the whole sticker - Gently peel off the transparent film Trick : Pay attention to the thorns when you move the cactus and avoid carrying out this trick near children!


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