Mixer taps, economical taps

Mixer taps, economical taps

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Beyond daily actions to reduce consumption, water savings also require appropriate equipment. Several types of taps today make it possible to reduce its water consumption. The installation of a mixer makes it possible to simultaneously modulate temperature (from right to left) and flow (from bottom to top) thanks to a single control. You can turn off the water without changing the temperature, which is very useful when brushing your teeth. They are equipped with a water saving cartridge which allows consumption to be reduced by 20 to 50% like the Eco-plus mixer (29 euros at Castorama). For a more decorative but always eco-friendly touch, the Manhattan light mixer (399 euros at Lapeyre) incorporates a light inside its waterfall spout that works with a dynamo system, without batteries or electricity. Another type of faucet, thermostatic mixing valves offer a pre-set temperature which allows the desired temperature to be reached more quickly. Thus, the water is no longer wasted by waiting for the ideal temperature. The possibility of capping the temperature also prevents burns, for example: the Tarmix thermostatic mixer (168 euros at Castorama) limits the temperature to 38 °. Finally, the electronic mixer is undoubtedly the most economical solution since it starts when the hands approach and stops when they are removed. The water is activated by an infrared sensor only when it is needed: the flow is therefore limited to its consumption. Ideal for shaving, this system is economical, hygienic and easy to use. (Aquamondo, 249 euros)


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