Give a rusty effect to a piece of furniture or a metal object

Give a rusty effect to a piece of furniture or a metal object

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In the past, rust was fought at all costs. Today, it has become trendy. Its raw side and its warm color today seduce. It evokes the natural wear of time or even a certain nostalgia. To give a rusty effect to a metal object or piece of furniture, nothing could be simpler: Brush the support with vinegar or lemon. Leave to dry for a day then rinse. Drop your item outside and leave it for a week or two. It will then take a nice rusty effect. Slightly wipe it with sandpaper to create a wear effect on the reliefs, for example. Then apply colorless rust inhibitor to stabilize the result.You can also buy a commercial product. They are very easy to use:

Liberon Rust Effect
(12 € for 250 ml) Apply a coat of Black Iron Oxide base paint. Let it dry. Drain the background paint with 240 grit sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface to the touch. Dust with a damp cloth. Apply the Rust Effect product with a brush or paintbrush in a thin layer. Immediately wipe the wear areas (reliefs, moldings, etc.) with a damp sponge. Let it dry. Basis of Preparation (€ 9.50 for 250 ml) and Rust Effect Patina V33 (€ 10 for 250 ml) Apply a Preparation Base evenly to the surface using a brush. Let it dry. Apply the Rust Effect patina with the poaching brush, loading the brush very little to obtain a nice speckled effect. Let it dry.


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