8 vacuum cleaners on the test bench

8 vacuum cleaners on the test bench

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The cheapest From 39.90 euros, the Listo AT12L2 vacuum cleaner has all the traditional characteristics of a vacuum cleaner. With a maximum suction power of 1400 watts, it is discreet since its noise level rises to 71 dB. Comes only with a single suction brush, it is even rather decorative with its duo of colors: gray and blue! The most decorative Design, decorative and compact, the Ikea Electrolux vacuum cleaner is sold at 159 euros, or 119 euros if you have the Ikea Family card. With contemporary lines and trendy colors, there are green or pink. Under the name of Svabba, it has all the qualities of a traditional vacuum cleaner. With a power of 1700 Watt, it comes with a brush for the floor and a second "3 in 1" for vacuuming in every corner. Small size: 58.5 x 39.5 x 32.5, it is very practical to store. The one who hates bacteria the most The Dyson DC 23 Allergy Parquet (bagless) is your ideal partner for tracking mites. It has a bactericidal screen that captures and kills bacteria as soon as they come into contact with it. It also has a special brush for hard floors. With long, soft hairs, it cleans more delicate floors. Its price of 519.99 euros can curb your desire to hunt bacteria, but know that on the quality side, it is really at the top! The greenest The Electrolux New Ergospace Green vacuum cleaner is not only compact, stylish and efficient, but above all it is very environmentally friendly. With a power of 1350 W, it consumes little energy, while restoring a dust removal performance equivalent to 2000 W. Made of 55% recycled plastic, 92% of its components can be recycled. Sold from 235 euros, it is a bet for the future! The one where we change the bag less often The Miele S2 Ecoline vacuum cleaner uses little energy with its 1600 watt motor. It is nonetheless efficient and equipped with the latest generation of Hyclean GN bags, it can store 25% more dust, for less waste on the planet. Entry price: 179.99 euros The most high tech The Xarion Hoover vacuum cleaner was designed around the "Airvolution" revolution. This optimizes the air power which associated with its high speed of acceleration, guarantee an impeccable result on all types of surfaces. From 180 euros, it is available in different colors: silver, red or titanium and it comes with a battery of accessories such as the Allergy kit or the caress brush for delicate floors. The most intelligent No need to vacuum, he does it all alone. Autonomous, the Roomba 530 vacuum robot moves by itself and cleans your floors in your absence. He spots dust with his sensors, identifies obstacles, goes around objects, climbs on carpets and even sneaks under furniture. And when the work is done he goes back to his base. Sold at 349.99 euros, it is discreet since it measures 34 cm in diameter. The most compact The Floor Dexter vacuum from White and Brown measures only: 34 cm x 26.5 cm x 24.5 cm. Hyper compact, it can be stored everywhere. With a suction power of 1800 watts, it is light which makes it easy to move. Relatively quiet (74 dB), it will be perfect for small spaces. It is sold from 79.90 euros.


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