Sunny: an eco-responsible washing machine

Sunny: an eco-responsible washing machine

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Faced with global warming, the Swedish company Electrolux offers an eco-responsible washing machine to save energy. This new washing machine uses the already available hot water produced by solar panels or traditional heating. It has a double connection for taking hot and cold water by adapting the amount of cold water and then hot water according to the program and the chosen temperature. This bi-thermal connection saves up to 49% of energy and saves the 30 minutes of time required during the water heating phase. Sunny can also function as a conventional washing machine on a single cold water inlet which it will heat thanks to its resistance. In addition to the ecological aspect, the Sunny washing machine contains a high-performance technology with its loading capacity of 7 kg and its 1,200 rpm of spin. A "fast" and "night silence plus" option allows you to take advantage of preferential rates from your electricity supplier. (Indicative price: 649.99 euros)> More info on


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