Decors on porcelain: Checkered egg cups

Decors on porcelain: Checkered egg cups

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3 egg cups (ø 5cm) 90 ° alcohol Thermosetting felt 1 grease pencil Cotton Swab Fine paintbrush Colors: Scarlet red (06), Agathe (04), Marseille yellow (02), Amazonite (29), Ming Blue (17) , Citrine yellow (01)

Production :

9 'Clean the three egg cups with 90 ° alcohol.

With a grease pencil, draw the checkerboards on the three pieces: eighteen squares for the top, and twelve squares at the base of the foot of each egg cup. Sign on the back with a thermosetting felt.


Using a fine brush, fill the squares of the first egg cup with the scarlet red shade, taking care to insert them. Then with the agate yellow, paint the remaining spaces of the first line of squares and the foot of the egg cup. Clean with the Cotton Swab soaked in water the excess colors.


For the second egg cup, use amazonite green and Marseille yellow.


And for the third, paint the checkerboard with the colors Ming blue and citrine yellow. Let the three egg cups dry for 24 hours before baking. 20 decorations on Porcelain © Flammarion editions, 2003


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