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Do you want to adopt new consumption behaviors? is there to guide and inform you. The site offers both information on topics related to responsible consumption and a selection of products that respect people and the environment.

What is an Eco-Sapiens?

The eco-SAPIENS appellation immediately refers to Homo Sapiens, to which paleontologists give an age of around 200,000 years. Eco-sapiens is a responsible citizen who is aware that his behavior and his purchases have an impact on the environment. He favors ethical, ecological, fair and united conducts and products and searches for concrete alternatives and simple actions.

The site

The site is a comparator dedicated to products with social and / or environmental added value (organic, fair trade, economical, recyclable, etc.). You will find fashion, baby items, cosmetics, home, office, hobby, equipment and garden products. The site also offers an information portal on eco-consumption with files, labels and news under debate. > More info on