Colored tap water

Colored tap water

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Knowing the water temperature without getting your hands wet is possible! A new generation of faucets allows you to keep hands dry by illuminating hot water in red and cold water in blue. The principle ? A colored diode located at the top of the tap lights up and, passing through its light field, the water becomes tinted. At 18 degrees, it comes out blue and turns orange as it warms up to reach its hottest shade at 38 degrees. Practical and surprising, these taps will make your water rooms a magical place. You do not plan to change your taps? Never mind, you can embark on this luminous experience by equipping mixers and taps with coloring tips (19.90 at smart home). The range of colors is therefore less rich than on the dedicated taps but the spectacle remains. Luisina RCD 78 light tap: 607 euros Porcelanosa Nora light tap: 1215 euros Waterjoy light tap: 499 euros at Leroy Merlin More information on light taps: Luisina mixer Porcelanosa mixer Waterjoy mixer: Purchase and information on light fittings:


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