With Julien, the radiators turn to color

With Julien, the radiators turn to color

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Often unattractive, radiators often spoil the decor of your room… A simple solution is to make them invisible by painting them. Julien has just launched two types of paint for radiators: - The first "Acrylic radiat" was designed to facilitate the decoration and protection of central heating pipes. Very practical to use, it is rust-proof, odorless and quick-drying. Efficient, it resists up to 120 ° C, without yellowing or flaking. Another advantage, it exists in white but also in colorless satin base machine-dyeable. And rather well seen, it is available in aerosol but only in white. - The second, "Radiat glycéro" is formulated for the renovation of cast iron radiators and copper pipes. It is available in shiny, satin or mat white. Otherwise, you can paint a cast iron radiator or copper pipes in the color of your choice, exposing them and applying a specific undercoat for non-ferrous metals. Then just apply a layer of "Acrylic Radiat". Price side: 12.15 euros per 0.5 liter jar. Consulting service: technical paints Julien


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