Two wall treatments against capillary rise

Two wall treatments against capillary rise

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Coming from the ground, moisture rises from the ground by capillary action. To remedy this, here are two wall treatment solutions. Method 1: Installation of electrical probes The principle: electrical signals circulate in the wall to be treated and bring humidity down into the ground. The electrical exchange takes place between high and low probes which receive the current from a box fixed to the wall. This system is generally supplied with ten probes, five upper and five lower. Its installation does not necessarily require the intervention of a professional and if you are not afraid of handling a drill, the installation of the probes every 45 cm should not be a problem. Every week, you read the humidity level of the wall displayed by the device and after two to six months, the wall is dried. If you plan to dry another wall then, be aware that the housing can move to supply a new set of probes. > For more info: method 2: resin injection The principle: A barrier of waterproof resin or silicone is placed in the wall to stop wet lifts. Holes are drilled at the base of the wall every 15 centimeters. They are then plugged until saturation with resin which infiltrates into the capillary channels. On contact with water, the resin hardens and becomes waterproof. This system is effective after two days of installation, but the wall must have been previously dried before the start of work. Resin injection is a delicate process and requires the intervention of a professional. Count between 50 and 90 euros for the 5 liter container (you need 2.5 liters per linear meter. The cost of the work can vary depending on the extent of the damage to be treated.> For more information: www.humidite.


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