What color to put with wenge wood furniture?

What color to put with wenge wood furniture?

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Wenge wood comes from Africa. Very appreciated for its resistance, it presents an orange color when fresh and quickly becomes black over time. Quite expensive, there are mostly wenge tinted furniture inspired by the shade close to black. So you just fell for this wood species, but you are lost in color. Here to help you some essential keys to enhance your furniture and so that it fits perfectly into your decor.

For an ethnic spirit: dare red, yellow, orange or green

A watchword: contrast the color of the wood so that it stands out more. Ideally, the palette ranging from red to yellow through orange are a sure bet . Likewise, green is a must. But good advice: above all do not scatter in colors. You have to choose: combine red or yellow or green but not all three at the same time. By betting on this range of colors inspired by the savannah , you will give a more ethnic style to your decor.

For a sober and elegant interior: shade the color of wenge wood with natural shades

If you are more a fan of light and discreet colors, prefer shades of monochrome. So from the color of wenge wood, decline it in lighter shades. Glossy brown, taupe, linen and off-white will be the order of the day. By making this choice you instill a "classic contemporary" spirit in your room. And to prolong this atmosphere prefer natural materials using these tones. Wool, coconut, linen and cotton are therefore highly recommended.

How to be sure of your choice

Some painting websites will allow you to do your color tests like Dulux Valentine or V33. Easy to use, you choose your room and using the mouse, you apply your colors on the walls as well as on the furniture. And you will see it is obvious! Wenge with green, red, yellow or orange enhance each other!

How to adopt the color to highlight the wengé stained furniture?

Start by painting a section of wall that is near your furniture. Then extend your color with a few accessories like a table runner, candles on the shelves, cushions on the sofa, curtains on the windows. And if you don't like the color of the floor, you can cover it with a large carpet using the chosen color.


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