Which espresso machine to choose?

Which espresso machine to choose?

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Goodbye sock juice! Thanks to the espresso machines, everyone can now make a coffee worthy of a professional. In recent years, the craze for high-end coffee has prompted professionals to multiply espresso machines. But it is not always easy to find your way around. Here are some basics for choosing the right espresso machine:

Technical characteristics :

Pressure is the first criterion to take into consideration. The higher the pressure in bars, the more the coffee will be frothy. Your machine must have a minimum pressure of 10 bars. Water temperature is also important: water between 92 and 94 ° is a good choice. Finally, remember to check the machine's energy consumption to avoid unpleasant surprises. Better to invest in a quality espresso machine to have a real espresso coffee the price of a quality espresso machine starts at around 150 euros).

What options for your espresso?

Most espresso machines have options that affect the price. If you only have to favor three options, prefer automatic descaling, the cup warming tray and automatic coffee dosing (for ground coffee).

Pods, capsules or traditional ground coffee?

The capsules and pods have the advantage of being practical and of offering a wide variety of coffees in addition to being fun. However, the composition of the capsules (aluminum, plastic, etc.) does not make it an ecological product. In addition, pods and capsules are much more expensive than traditional coffee. Finally, for most espresso machines, you will be forced to buy capsules from the same manufacturer, and will not be able to take advantage of the competition.

Cost price of a cup of coffee for pods and capsules

To get an idea of ​​the profitability of the machine, calculate the cost price of a cup of coffee based on the necessary number of pods needed and the price reduced to the unit.

Aesthetics of the espresso machine

Finally, the aesthetics of the appliance must also be taken into account, because espresso machines are also decorative objects, which do not go unnoticed in a kitchen!