The wallpaper plays with imitations of materials

The wallpaper plays with imitations of materials

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The new wallpapers play tricks on the eye by perfectly imitating noble materials. Textured or ribbed, the relief effects combine with the patterns to create a stunning and sometimes unusual effect. Like a second skin! The wallpaper plays with the effects by imitating the material, from the most usual to the most surprising. Natural stone or mosaic style in the bathroom; Leather padded at the head of the bed in the bedroom or downright red or black crocodile in a living room or hallway: the rendering is striking and at a much more affordable price than the originals! A strip of crocodile-like wallpaper, for example, will create the decor in a living room: elegant, it will also delimit the spaces to create a reading corner or library. 15 minutes are enough to stick it and the decor is planted, then it's up to you. > More info on the website for the promotion of wallpaper


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