The natural style, even in its interior

The natural style, even in its interior

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The natural decor has its source in the countryside or by the sea. It is a mixture of styles, materials, which evokes the elements and the spirit of the open sea. To create a natural decor, start by choosing the colors, then harmonize the furniture and decorative elements. The colors of nature Your natural color chart begins with earth or mineral hues: ocher, gray, beige, clay ... It is enriched with woody hues: brown, brown, mahogany, bark. And is complemented by colors linked to plants: moss, lichen, almond green ... Prefer matt or satin paints but never shiny. There are a thousand wallpaper patterns that will go perfectly with your natural decor. Then choose plant motifs, plain fabrics. Very simple furniture To favor the natural in a decoration, you can of course use wood but also driftwood or bamboo. The wood is then considered raw, unvarnished, or with an invisible protection highlighting its veins and irregularities. Be careful, however, not to abuse protected species and to have a fair decor attitude. Think that some forests here or elsewhere are disappearing if we don't change our consumption pattern. Bamboo has this advantage that it grows and renews quickly, so bamboo furniture will go in the direction of the planet and therefore of the natural decor. Driftwood collected on the edge of beaches is a good alternative to wood and its gray color is superb in a decoration. But no need to travel the oceans by raft to recover it! On the flea market, you can collect small pieces of furniture of simple invoice, strip them and repaint them in neutral tones with a paint juice in order to still see the veins of the wood. Bleached, old small pieces of furniture will be revamped and will perfectly reintegrate our interiors today. The luminaire can also be made of driftwood and a graphic shade in white linen or cotton. The white rice paper lanterns and lanterns also make a beautiful effect in this style, which purifies the lines and the forms. Natural materials To complete the range of this natural decoration, feathers, skins and fake furs are "must have". A well woolly sheepskin gives a baba chic side, as well as the use of raw weavings, felted wool or ecru or gray felts. In the natural decor, do not forget the pebbles, which can make beautiful floors for bathrooms and the use of flooring or walls such as concrete, tadelakt, lime plaster ... The sobriety of the lines If the raw materials have the good share, a natural decoration must be purified. It can mix elements of charm while retaining a contemporary spirit. So do not overload your decorations but decorate them with vegetal touches.


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