Which duvet cover to choose to be trendy this winter?

Which duvet cover to choose to be trendy this winter?

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Back to school brings a lot of new bed linen. Simplicity, stripes, tiles, circles, these are the trends to follow when sleeping in a trendy bed.

Don't overdo it!

Chic and sobriety will be de rigueur in bed linen for the autumn / winter season which begins. Do not give in to the temptation of garish colors and loaded patterns. Plain and two-tone fabrics will be essential, preferably made of qualitative materials such as percale or cotton satin. Many brands are also launching their range of solid percale. We can even find percale in the linen section of hypermarkets. The two colors will often be worked in the form of large horizontal or vertical bands, with neat finishes: piping for a classic look, small folds for a good look, tapered edges for a vintage effect ...

Style side

What style of bed linen to choose to be at the forefront of the trend? More than ever, the chic contemporary, that is to say sober and without fuss. So as not to be mistaken, opt for a very simple duvet cover in shades of gray, possibly adorned with very small patterns or mini embroideries: peas, small flowers, small geometric designs ... but above all nothing ostentatious. If you are young and trendy maybe you will prefer urban, vintage or loft bed linen, a little more fancy. You will have the choice between large stylized flowers (of a single color or two-tone rather than multi-color), very large stripes (do not hesitate to choose male colors), fabrics with revisited mattresses. But the most sophisticated consumers will choose one of the two new patterns emerging from the season: the chevron or the circles (medium in size and in repetition). For fans of the charming style, gray - rather than ivory - is featured, which brings a touch of modernity. The flowers (large heads or whole flowers) are extremely well drawn, almost of a naturalistic spirit. In a mountain or country style, the tiles arrive in force, warm and reassuring. Often offered in blue or red, two new winter colors, they are readily coordinated with flowers for a masculine / feminine look.

Color side

In terms of colors, blue is making a comeback in bed linen, worked in indigo, denim or gray, but also in midnight blue almost black, a particularly elegant shade. As for red, it is from all the collections, in stripes, flowers and tiles. We will also see the Burgundy color and a very dark plum appear, masculine and elegant shades. Black and the different shades of gray (from pearl gray to anthracite to metallic), which we saw happen one or two seasons ago, will be from all the collections, which will save you all lack of taste.