Turns: fun and ecological objects

Turns: fun and ecological objects

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The Virages editor is offering ecological objects for the kitchen or the dining room for this 2009 back-to-school season. Rooted in a desire to choose only recyclable objects or registered in a citizen approach , Virages has not neglected its originality. Among the September 2009 selection, we discover beech wood plates . Originally used by fishermen in Finland during their picnics, these plates have been improved and are now placed on the tables of large restaurants. Just as natural, the Wasara Japanese tableware is composed of reed fibers and the residue recovered during the pressing of sugar cane, bagasse. With pure and organic forms, this tableware is for single use and fully decomposable. Part of the profits generated is donated to a forest protection organization. As for table linen, the napkins and placemat Mydrap are offered in the form of pre-cut rolls for on-demand service! Composed of cotton and linen, these napkins and placemats are available in around twenty different colors. And for a fun breakfast, the slate mug sports a slate surface on which everyone can write little words! Other original and fun objects on


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