5 decoration tips for a perfect Airbnb!

5 decoration tips for a perfect Airbnb!

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It's official, you have decided to get started and put your accommodation on the famous Airbnb platform. What a good idea ! But although your reactivity and your sympathy are important criteria to attract visitors to stay in your accommodation, the decoration is also an essential point. Because a well decorated interior is a well classified interior! Discover all our decoration tips to make your accommodation as attractive as possible…

1. Opt for a neutral decor…

© Airbnb To make your interior appeal to the greatest number, you must bet on a welcoming and rather neutral decoration. Choose timeless furniture and light colors that your guests can identify with. Of course, nothing prevents you from having a decor that suits you. But, remember that your personal memories are not those of your guests. Avoid family photos and trinkets that will keep them from feeling at home. In any case, the light must have a place of choice in your interior if you want your accommodation to stand out. In this sense, accumulate light sources: a suspension above the dining table, a floor lamp near the sofa, extra lamps and a few candles to make your space warmer. Not only will you promote the well-being of your guests, but you will also make your advertisement more attractive and attractive. And the effect will be more striking on your photos!

2… Or think outside the box!

© Akiko archi If you can be sure of unanimity by decorating your accommodation in a neutral way, you can also choose a more original decoration. Many people are looking for new accommodation on the platform. Tipi, caravan, furnished van, loft are some examples of atypical accommodation that attracts Airbnb users. To think outside the box, you can have fun in a decorative style or transcribe a certain lifestyle. The apartment of an environmental activist is a perfect example! Designed with the help of Akiko's architects, its interior aims to be 'zero waste'. With a recycled decor, the owner changes the codes and makes an impression. Others have made their accommodation, an unsuspected universe. This is the case of this house all dressed in pink or even this exotic apartment where nature seems to have invaded the space ... Certainly, it will not please everyone but your ad will have the merit of not going unnoticed! You understood, to draw attention to your accommodation, you have the choice: choose a timeless decoration to please everyone or take a real bias with a themed decoration! It all depends on your desires and expectations ...

3. Focus on comfort

© Airbnb Although the decorative style is important to attract visitors, comfort is just as important! Since your guests are at home to visit your area, they should be able to relax after the day is over. So put yourself in their place and offer them all the comfort you cannot do without. This goes, for example, through the foundations. Choose a cozy sofa and multiply the cushions (don't forget the blankets in winter) so that they can curl up in front of the TV. Add a soft carpet to enhance the cozy atmosphere of your living room. Likewise, don't skimp on the quality of your bedding. And above all, favor bed linen with a delicate touch. No doubt, comfort is a first choice criterion on Airbnb so better not to forget it!

4. Think practical

Feeling at home, this is the principle behind Airbnb. In order for visitors to truly feel at home, you need to plan for the basics. In the kitchen, this goes through utensils and dishes. Your guests should not miss if they want to cook. And above all, do not hesitate to be generous in terms of quantity. There are many Airbnb that only provide a pan and three or four glasses. Let us agree, the more your kitchen is equipped, the better! And do not forget the dishwashing detergent, the sponge, the tea towels and the condiments essential for cooking (salt, pepper, sugar, oil…). In the living room, prefer a convertible sofa to provide additional beds and open up to larger families. For economic reasons or for space reasons, you can also opt for an extra mattress. It's less classy but it's still useful! In the bedroom, provide additional blankets and cushions. To make your guests feel comfortable, offer them a storage space worthy of the name. Prepare a corner for them so they can easily unpack their suitcase. And above all, remember to make room for them in a closet to hang their clothes on. If you don't have a closet, nothing prevents you from planning a clothes rack or coat hooks. And don't forget the hangers! In the bathroom, towels are provided. Choose from several sizes to offer maximum comfort and do not hesitate to use your imagination to present them in style. Rolled up and presented in a pretty basket, you can be sure to make an impression. Finally, don't forget the beauty products (shower gel, shampoo…) as well as the hair dryer!

5. Differentiate yourself from others

© Airbnb Finally, if you want to attract attention, you have to differentiate yourself from others. How? 'Or' What ? By taking care of the details and by multiplying the little attentions. Here are some examples: * Greet your guests with a gourmet basket. A bottle of wine, some regional products and voila! They can only be surprised by your little gift ... * Make magazines and books available in the living room. Your guests can relax when they wish. * Provide a small folder with all practical and tourist information. Wifi code, instructions for using the washing machine or other equipment in the house, good addresses in the neighborhood, opening hours of local supermarkets, list of things to do in the region, practical tips for getting around… Make a good impression by making their stay easier! * Get inspired by the most beautiful hotels by having the scent of a pillow on the bedside tables in the bedroom and by placing a few rose petals in the bathtub ... By standing out in this way, you will get good comments, you will make them climb your rating and the number of visits (and therefore your income)! And if really, you do not know how to go about decorating and decorating your interior, you can get help with the assistance of Airbnb Plus!