My perfect aperitif: the outdoor inspirations of Tangering Zest

My perfect aperitif: the outdoor inspirations of Tangering Zest

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This week Léa from Tangering Zest shares her secrets with you… My perfect aperitif? It is for me the moment to decompress daily obligations. What I like is being able to share this with friends and if possible do it outdoors.
It is a dinner aperitif that extends to a beautiful terrace, well installed in a small garden furniture in a tavern atmosphere, with a few lanterns, candles and light garlands. This provides a soft and warm light, perfect for relaxing.

Natural ambiance

We take care of the decor with natural materials such as wooden tables, fabrics in natural colors and plants, many plants as well as flowers in refined vases or ladies jeanne, for example.

Bohemian spirit

I also like to create a slightly more bohemian atmosphere where the garden furniture is transformed and we sit on the floor very comfortably on pretty carpets and large cushions. Personally I am a fan of the foutas, easy to transport and store, I use them all the time. They can be used as tablecloths if necessary, as blankets or even as a carpet.

Gourmet trays

And concerning the plate, I like to snack on good little things throughout the evening, we are lucky to be able to find good products so much to enjoy. I like to prepare pretty trays on wooden boards with a mixture of cheeses and cold meats, to which I add some olives, various nuts and dried fruits. Then we balance it all with homemade spreads, breadsticks or even stick vegetables and cherry tomatoes.
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