Valentine's Day: gourmet and decorative gifts

Valentine's Day: gourmet and decorative gifts

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This year Valentine's Day is under the sign of gluttony! For decoration, we put on accessories that we can peck throughout dinner and especially for dessert! For the feast of lovers, chocolate and pastry chefs bend over backwards to make this day one of the most gourmet of the year. Thus each creator offers real works of art to taste. Rather than simply offering them for dessert, we decorate the table with these chocolates, true hymns to love. In Fauchon, the chocolates transform into fleshy and delicate lips that you can easily place on the whole table. Do the same with the other chocolates and collect the boxes from home The duration or The House of chocolate to arrange the bread for example. And as stable center, choose the dessert to be stripped ofArnaud Delmontel, the SoPi, a tribute to the glamorous and libertine South Pigalle district. Enough to spend a delicious Valentine's Day!


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