Curtain rods for all decorative styles

Curtain rods for all decorative styles

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Even if it sometimes goes unnoticed, the curtain rod is a central element of the decor since it orchestrates the curtains. It's up to you to find the rod that will adapt to your decor style! Beautiful curtains are essential, but provided you put a rod that will harmonize with your interior. In wood or metal, natural or flashy color, there are all kinds of curtain rods whose originality is at the ends. For the decorative side, we end each side of the rods with a tip that leaves room for fantasy: geometric shapes, scrolls ... It's your turn! Practical advice for installing a curtain rod: Remember to choose a rod longer than the window. Be aware that if it is too long you can cut it because the tips will mark the cut. During installation, the rod must be placed at least 5 cm above the window. Note: if you wish, the rod can be placed directly on the ceiling.


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