A disposable tableware site for a creative table

A disposable tableware site for a creative table

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Vary the decor of your table simply and without breaking the bank. The site: offers a wide range of plates, paper napkins, table runners, place mats and even small decorative accessories to make your table look festive every day. With trendy colors and varied patterns, there is something for every occasion! Classified by objects, napkins, plates ... but also by themes: If you feel lost in front of the multitude of possibilities, you will discover how to set up a superb table for a Valentine's day not kitsch, organize a decorative picnic or even which disposable service to choose for a bucolic dinner with friends… There is even a selection for marriage with soft coordinates of white and gray! If you fear the lack of taste, do not panic, you can view your table before confirming your order. Then delivery is made within 72 hours and shipping costs are free from 30 euros. Little more fun: The lesson filmed to learn a technique of folding napkin while watching on the web TV


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