Motorized swing shutters

Motorized swing shutters

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Opening and closing your swing shutters every day quickly becomes a chore, especially when the shutters are difficult to reach. Aurélie Zilber, product manager 'Swing shutter motorization' at Somfy, explains how to motorize its shutters.

What is the use of motorizing its swing shutters?

This puts an end to the drudgery of opening and closing its shutters each morning and each evening. Often, we are forced to go outside to fold down the shutters. Sometimes also, the shutters are difficult to access and you have to lean dangerously, when it is a window placed above a kitchen worktop or upstairs, for example. There is also the case of elderly people who no longer have the strength to close their shutters and who feel insecure at home at night.

How do motorized swing shutters work?

The motor, placed in a fairly discreet box, is installed over the entire width of the window under the lintel or, in the case of an arched window, on the window sill or the railing. An arm is fixed with a slide on the flap. The motor is connected to a power supply. The opening / closing then works by remote control. The swing shutters of one or more rooms can be opened or closed simultaneously.

Who installs the motorization of the shutters?

An approved installer because the connection to the power supply must be made perfectly. It is a tailor-made product adapted to each component, which requires rigorous measurement. It takes an average of one working day to motorize 3 to 6 pairs of shutters depending on the configuration of the premises.

Are motorized swing shutters effective against intrusion?

Yes because the system is designed to keep the shutters blocked. In addition, in the fall of 2010, an additional locking accessory will be available which will perform the same function as the Espanette on a manual swing shutter. We no longer hesitate to close its shutters in the event of a short absence. Likewise, an integrated back-up battery takes over in the event of a power failure and allows the shutters to be used in approximately 20 movements. The endurance of the system has been tested over 15,000 cycles equivalent to 20 years of use.

What are the other advantages of motorized swing shutters?

It is possible to install sunshine sensors for the summer: from a certain sunshine threshold, the shutters close automatically, which keeps the house cool and avoids using The air conditioning . The system we offer also has a clock that allows you to set the time when you want to close its shutters. This is particularly practical in winter, if you want to close your shutters early and have not yet returned from work. This keeps the heat of the day after dark.

Does the motor box not disfigure the window too much?

The box is only 6 cm high, so it is quite discreet. It is available in five standard colors: white, brown, ivory, red and green, but as an option, it can be personalized in the color desired by the customer, as is the arm fixed on the flap.

How much does it cost to motorize a pair of swing shutters at Somfy?

The average selling price is € 839 excl. Tax for two leaves in standard shade, excluding installation. To know more : somfy.fr