5 ideas to keep everything tidy and well

5 ideas to keep everything tidy and well

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The start of the school year is often an opportunity to tidy up everything and start off on a good foundation for the following year. But it is not enough to tidy up to save space and that everything is in order: you have to tidy up in the right way. Here are some tips for storing everything and well!

Above a door

Consider using the height of your walls to the ceiling. So you can put shelves high to store things that you rarely use. Above a door, just attach a shelf and you will save an important place. Its arrangement above a door will make it almost invisible.

A coffee table

The living room table takes an important place in the living room so why not use this place which at first glance seems lost? There are lounge tables that look like chests or that incorporate storage, but you can also create one simply by placing two blocks of shelves horizontally on which you will place a plywood. You can store your magazines, books or bottles for an aperitif.


Why not use the entire ceiling height? The columns make it possible to store books and other objects over a very high height, and not to waste space on the ground. This solution is thus perfect for small spaces because it can find its place everywhere especially thanks to the narrow dimensions of the shelves. And in addition it is very decorative!

Inside a door

Use the door of a closet for example as a storage space which will disappear once the door is closed. Just fix shelves on the inside of the door. Be careful to measure so that you can close the door. This ingenious system doubles the storage space of a wardrobe and you benefit from a space that would have been normally lost.

In a fireplace

Many apartments have a fireplace that only serves as a decor for the room, so take advantage and use the interior to store your books, shoes or stereo. This is a storage space just waiting for you.