A washing machine for my little space

A washing machine for my little space

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Even if we can possibly make happy meetings there, it must be admitted that going to the laundromat is not a part of pleasure. Besides, the washing machine is undoubtedly one of the first household appliances purchases of young people who dream of independence. The only small problem is that we often start our young working life in a small apartment that leaves little room for the superfluous. Do not panic, you will still find a washing machine capable of making itself small.

Width problem

If the space dedicated to your washing machine is narrow, you will have to turn to top washing machines, i.e. washing machines with opening upwards. Compared to porthole washing machines with an average width of 50 cm, the top washing machine is approximately 40 cm wide. Today there are top washing machines whose washing capacity competes with that of washing machines with front opening. We can quote for example the Brandt max14d8sf with a capacity of 7 kg and whose originality is to integrate an automatic detergent dispenser. Only downside, the top washing machine does not allow it to be built-in since its opening must remain free.

Depth problem

If the problem is related to the available depth, you can then choose a window washing machine with shallow depth. It is an ideal solution especially in bathrooms where the worktop rarely exceeds 45 cm. Several brands of household appliances offer this type of appliance with depths ranging from 33 to 45 cm deep. The Candy Evo3 achieves the performance of combining a depth of 33 cm with a load of 5 kg. As for the Samsung wf1802xec, it proves that a small washing machine can have all the advantages of a large one since it is equipped with Eco Bubble technology and a washing capacity of 8 kg.


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