Make an ocean lamp with plastered strips

Make an ocean lamp with plastered strips

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1 decorative bottle with square base 1 fully equipped electric cord with fixing on bottle Definitive adhesive tape 1 pair of scissors 2 rolls of standard plastered strips 1 bowl Tuareg blue and white acrylic paint 1 brush 1 orange lampshade 30 cm in diameter by 17 cm high


40 'Preparation and installation of plaster strips

Press the fitting end of the socket into the neck of the bottle. Hold the electric wire along an angle with the adhesive tape (sketch 1). Using scissors, cut plastered strips 20 to 30 centimeters in length. Moisten them in a bowl of warm water as in the instructions on page 10 and cover the bottle (sketch 2). Wrap thin strips on themselves to make long cords. Dip them in water and make swirls and circles as in sketch 3. Let dry 24 hours.

9 'Painting

After drying, paint the lamp base in Tuareg blue. Prepare a lighter blue by adding white. Pass this mixture over all the reliefs with a brush lightly loaded with paint.

1 'Finishing

Unscrew the ring from the socket, place the lampshade and screw the ring back on.


You can apply varnish to the volutes for a beautiful matt / shiny effect.

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