DIY gift: sticky note mugs

DIY gift: sticky note mugs

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With special porcelain slate paint, vibrate your mugs to the rhythm of your moods. So with a chalk, personalize them with little words or use them as a reminder and put an end to missed meetings! Level : Easy Completion time : 1 hour Indicative cost : 11.85 euros Necessary material : -1 set of mugs -1 pot of chalkboard paint - 4 porcelain pens - 1 chalk Steps : - Create geometric shapes on the mugs with adhesive. - Paint the shapes with slate paint. - Leave to dry for 2 hours. - Then write words on the mugs. - Cut out the shapes with porcelain pens. - Let dry 24 hours before baking in the oven at 150 ° C for 35 min. The most decorative : An original gift idea that always has its little success! Thanks to Pébéo


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