Enhance the charm of outdoor dining

Enhance the charm of outdoor dining

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Synonymous with conviviality, large tables are in the spotlight in summer. Never has the art of hospitality been so successful.

Extendable tables, pergolas: Practical, summer furniture!

Who says big tables, says adequate furniture. You will become a reception pro with the extendable table models like WHISPER, which can accommodate up to 10 guests. Last minute guests are now welcome. Even more than a parasol, pergolas and arbours are ideal to shelter all these little people in case of strong heat. Their steel structure enhanced with a canvas is discreet in winter and dresses a terrace with a veil of freshness in summer.

A party table even outdoors

More fashionable than ever, tableware now dares to color. Even more in summer, sun obliges! Today, the colorful tablecloths and table runners (BANDOL), as well as the matching chair slabs are brought up to date and come to mouth water before even going to the table. Dishes can also set the tone. Yellow and red colors for a meal that takes you on a journey, chic and muted tones for a more bistro theme or even a daring mix and match of dishes for a bohemian atmosphere ... All trends are allowed!

Barbecue and plancha, at the heart of the entertainment

Synonymous with conviviality, sunshine and extended days and evenings, the barbecue accompanies the French from aperitif to the heart of the night. It is one of the essentials of the summer, to the point of constituting the priority investment of the French who are fortunate to have a garden or a balcony: thus, according to a poll Opinion Way, 75% of the French declare barbecue enthusiasts, as soon as the weather arrives. Meat or fish, even grilled vegetables, barbecues are popular and bring everyone together with prices starting at 15 € (FRIENDS model). The other star of the moment is also called the plancha, which allows more controlled cooking. At the table, we will not forget the little extras that make the difference: sauces, dips and other condiments. At Alinéa, we even offer Barbecue or Plancha kits to facilitate cooking (CILINDRI). It only remains to taste the grilled meats and toast, in moderation of course!

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