Spotlight on relaxing furniture

Spotlight on relaxing furniture

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No more traditional three-seater leather sofa. Make way for shapes, colors and volumes. From the hanging chair to the XXL ottoman, comfort and design now dictate current trends in relaxing furniture. The trend to follow? Minimalist design of course, but surprising, reassuring, accessible to young and old for a reading break or touch pad.

Comfortable armchairs

At BoConcept, everything is in the round. The armchairs are low like the Imola model (in leather or fabric), which plays on the modular inclination, the different combinations to guarantee maximum relaxation for all silhouettes. In a more traditional style, the chaise longue, most often in cotton and removable for easy maintenance. This timeless classic is so soft with its reinforcements and pillows that it inevitably calls for a nap. Like the corolla armchair, all rounded, in which children nest easily. If you are allergic to furniture, opt for beanbags, fabric or why not faux fur. Lightweight and easy to transport, they are perfect for moving and / or small spaces. Bold, they are being transformed more and more, like the Risö pear ottoman by Ikea (99 euros) which unfolds to offer an improvised lounge chair.

Relax on the move

For those who like to be gently rocked, hanging armchairs in the shape of a drop are in fashion. Generally wicker, they dress the room and will certainly attract the curiosity of your visitors. The AM.PM brand offers hanging chairs in woven rattan with a suspension hoop that can tolerate a weight of 150 kilos (on sale on the La Redoute site). Likewise, the Egglot model by the Broste Copenhagen brand invites you to relax a few centimeters from the ground, indoors and outdoors. If you are in love with rocking chairs, Ikea offers the relaxing Poäng rocking chair (199 euros), discreet, sober and modern to blend into any interior.