Table idea for a Valentine's Day with poetry

Table idea for a Valentine's Day with poetry

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For a sweet and delicate Valentine's Day, the editorial staff offers table decorations for lovers. Petals of happiness… The basic idea of ​​the decor is to stay in fairly neutral tones so as not to overload the whole and to stay in something very soft. It is best to start with taupe, beige, gray and smoked shades (our favorites). However, be careful not to overdo it so as not to seal the atmosphere. Play with candlesticks of different sizes to structure your table and give it volume, height. Again it is better to start with a metallic color more than on glass for better construction. To avoid any association error, prefer to insure with white candles. The little extra of this table are the excess petals! Do not hesitate to fully dress your table until it is completely covered. Also think of the extra bouquet of flowers on the table for more freshness. The gentle Valentine's Day effect will be guaranteed! To help you decorate your table, here are some shopping ideas. Plates from the MARION collection - ALINEA SVIT cutlery set - IKEA - 29 euros RONAS candlesticks - IKEA - from 3.99 euros Volcano glasses - FLY - from 1.90 euros Styling of the table: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi


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