Three colors that adapt to any room

Three colors that adapt to any room

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If we often recommend a particular color for a certain room, trends evolve with practices and certain colors are found in all rooms with happiness. Focus on 3 colors which, given their success, can be chosen for any room in the house.

Green: a growing success

If green was banned from decoration in homes a decade ago, it is everywhere now! With the desire for nature and sustainable development, the manufacturers of paints and wallpapers have pushed the concept to the point of bringing green to the decor. But if at first glance green can be scary in a room, the wide palette of shades available allows all styles. Soft and natural atmosphere with lime green in a room or pop atmosphere with disco green or apple green in a kitchen, everyone will find the green of their room…

Plum: synonymous with contemporary decor

Plum replaces blue in rooms and you can see it everywhere! The reasons for this success: depending on its nuances we can make it vibrate in different ways ... Soft and timeless when it is pale and gray, very contemporary or even urban when it is saturated, the plum adapts. In addition, a plum associated with gray or black brings a very elegant atmosphere without being too classic. A good idea in a living room or in a bedroom for example. In short, the plum still has a bright future ahead of it.

Red, a sure bet

A strong color par excellence, red has always fascinated. Often included in national or cultural symbolism, this color catches the eye. It is therefore quite natural that we find red in all rooms of the house. Tonic and flamboyant, it is better to arrange it in small touches. On a wall in the living room, on kitchen furniture, accessorized in a bedroom or why not in total look in a dark corridor, red always finds its place.


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