When the fan becomes a decorative accessory

When the fan becomes a decorative accessory

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If your interior is not equipped with air conditioning, do not deprive yourself of freshness: this summer, opt for a decorative fan. The designers applied themselves to make this object not only functional but also attractive and offers it a design, pop, retro look ... To choose according to your style!

A decorative fan, yes but which one?

Choosing the right decorative fan means, above all, integrating it into your interior. And for that, you will have to bet on a model consistent with your decoration. Know that you can choose to play the card of discretion with a model that disappears as much as possible, like the columns, or on the contrary make your fan a real decorative asset by opting for an ultra colorful model for example. Anyway, respect the style of your interior: clean lines for a designer decor, a vintage spirit model for a retro decor or a colorful model for a pop decor.

High tech fans

The champion of the design fan? Dyson of course! With its models without pale, it transforms your fan into a sculpture sculpture easy to integrate into the house. Similarly, if you want a sculptural model that can play totems in your interior, think of the refreshing columns.

A retro touch

Did you know that the fan will be the ultimate accessory to give your interior a vintage touch? We then opt for a metal model that can even be dressed in colors or wood for a more chic version. And why not opt ​​for a fan that installs like a ceiling lamp to refine a retro decor?

1. Stadlerform Otto fan, 129 euros at Darty / 2. Dyson DP 01 White fan, 478.99 euros at Villatech / 3. Bestron ceiling fan, 65.94 euros at Vidaxl / 4. TM30 Raspberry table fan, 45 euros at Avenue des Spécialistes / 5. Proline MVS10AB fan, € 9.99 at Darty / 6. PM40 Blue stand fan, € 59.90 at Leroy Merlin / 7. Column Bionaire fan, € 85.99 at Boulanger / 8. Fan fairing, 69.90 euros at Bricorama / 9. Thomson ventilation tower, 90 euros at Bricorama