The quilted bedspread is back

The quilted bedspread is back

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Once covering our grandmothers' beds, the quilted bedspread is making a comeback in our interiors. Rediscovering a textile that has many qualities.

Ideal for personalizing your decor

The quilted bedspread can be personalized and be in complete harmony with the decor of the room. Indeed, we can use the same fabric used for curtains or armchairs in order to have perfect coordinates.

Several types of padding possible

Sewing patterns, bulging and finishes (edge ​​to edge, piping, bias) can be achieved in various ways. Thus, choosing a quilted bedspread becomes a meticulous job, in order to choose each detail that will match the style of the room.

More economical maintenance

Maintenance of a quilted bedspread is more economical than that of a duvet. As the weight of the two textiles is not the same, the duvet cover requires more water than the bedspread and therefore more money.

A "luxury hotel" style

The Georges V, the Meurice or the Royal Monceau, so many hotels that cover their bedding with quilted bedspreads. So for an elegant and luxurious style, the bedspread is ideal…

A style that can adapt to various objects

And yes, the quilted bedspread can also be transformed into various accessories such as the handbag or the duvet cover. We can also think of quilting for a headboard or a wall for example for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere ... All info on the quilted bedspread on the D'Ennery website.


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