Devices to create your own summer drinks

Devices to create your own summer drinks

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With the good weather comes the heat and, with it, the constant need to quench your thirst. Exit drinks and other sodas full of sugars and artificial colors, create your own refreshing drinks. On the program: smoothies, sodas and sparkling water. Here is a selection of the few essential machines for a refreshing summer.

Sparkle water and syrups!

We never tire. Completed, back and forth to the supermarket! By investing in a carbonating machine like this ("Source" from Sodastream "model), you can make sparkling water and soda yourself. Simply fill the bottles provided with tap water, fix the said bottle to the machine and press a simple button.To create sodas, simply add the syrups provided for this purpose and mix.

Smoothies and juices

To create delicious smoothies yourself, nothing could be simpler. Arm yourself with fresh fruit and a blender, the essential household appliance of the summer. Mix and taste!

To make delicious juices yourself, with a lighter and more liquid texture than smoothies, opt instead for a juicer like this KitchenAid model. You can just as easily arm yourself with a good juicer but it will not allow you to use as many fruits and vegetables in your recipes.

A container for sangria and punches

All drinks that require a mixture of fruit and liquid such as punch, sangria or simply fruity water can be contained in this pretty container in the shape of an American Mason Jar. It has a spout and its base is filled with ice cubes for an always cold drink.

A beer dispenser, like in bars

The beer dispenser in bars becomes miniature, invites itself home and makes people happy. With a pressurized keg and a CO2 cartridge, all you have to do is press the pump to serve draft beers. Something to delight friends in prospect of an aperitif or a very convivial evening. To consume with moderation !

The essential for always cold drinks

To refresh your drinks, nothing like crushed ice. Since we do not all have an American refrigerator that makes it, Alinéa has thought of everything with this manual ice crusher.


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