Placemats to dress your summer tables

Placemats to dress your summer tables

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This summer, we brighten up the meal table with placemats with summer notes! Whether you take your meals in the garden or want to brighten up your interior, it will not only be practical but also a great decorative ally. The proof with our selection of placemats that combine beautiful materials and impeccable style.

Choose the material of the placemat well

Because it will replace the tablecloth to protect your table but also give it style, the material of your table set should not be left to chance. First of all, know that the thicker it is, the more it will protect the table from a hot plate or a cut of cover, the vinyl or the natural fibers will then assure you solidity and comfort of use by cleaning with a sponge. With the fabric place mats, you will have the advantage of being able to put them in the washing machine, they will also be easy to store with the rest of the household linen. Finally, for summer meals in the garden or for large tables, why not opt ​​for the paper placemat which will be used only once and will be easy to get rid of? You will even find them in rolls for maximum convenience.

Set and style

In addition to the practicality of your table set, it is of course the decorative touch that it will bring which will motivate your choice. And the good news is that you can easily transform your decor by simply changing your sets. For summer, do not hesitate to adopt bright colors and graphic patterns such as bayadères, gingham patterns or even cement tiles to be trendy. Natural fibers will be ideal for tables set up in the garden, just like linen which will give a natural style to your decor. Round, rectangular or in graphic form, you will also be able to have fun with the different models to stage your table. Finally, know that the little ones also have the right to their table set just for them with paper models that can even be colored. What make them want to stay at the table with the grown-ups!

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