Method: sorting before moving

Method: sorting before moving

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The news is official: that's it! You move ! After the moment of excitement, we will have to think about the dark side of the change of domicile: the transport of business from point A to point B. Unless you go through a moving company with a premium offer, it you will have to pack, transport and unpack an indecent number of objects and among them, a good number of which you may have even forgotten the existence. Are you really planning to risk lumbago for things you no longer want? How to use an efficient decluttering before moving.

The perfect moment

There are times in life more conducive to decluttering than others. The move would certainly be in the top 5 of these opportune moments. First of all because you are forced to empty your cupboards without being able to postpone ad vitam aeternam until the next day. Then because changing the environment will be like a new beginning for you. Imagine this new home as a white canvas on which you will invest yourself thoroughly. No excuse for not giving the best of you! (and therefore get rid of the worst). If you miss the opportunity, you are going to put in unnecessary boxes that will stay long ... in boxes. If you don't believe me, I invite you to take a walk in your cellar or your attic, the memory will come back to you.

What should we part with before moving?

There is of course not only one possible answer and everyone can determine their desire for decluttering but also refer to more objective factors such as the space available in the new home or lifestyle habits that will change (if you move to a warm country, the anoraks will not be of much use to you for example). Indeed there are as many possible answers as there are moves, but at the same time, some main principles can be applied whatever the situation.

To motivate yourself, imagine everything you can do with the money from a garage sale.

Here is a list of items that should not move with you: -What you have in multiple copies. Even in the most extreme cases, you will never need three kitchen whisks. -Outdated products. Obviously, stated like this, no one would have the idea of ​​transporting products unfit for consumption. No one, really? In this case I invite you to check your funds of drawer of beauty products or to put your hand as far as possible in your kitchen cupboards. It seems that this boar terrine has not been good since 2014. - The papers that should no longer be kept.Because sorting all your papers is sometimes a real headache, you can get into the bad habit of keeping everything. To find out what should or should not be kept, your only reference must be the public service (do not rely on other sources whose instructions may vary). -All that is broken.Or more precisely everything that has been broken for a long time. If it has been 6 months since this lamp has been waiting for your fairy fingers to be glued, it may mean that you do not need its lights. -The boxes from the previous move.If there are still boxes from the previous move, it probably means that you can very well live without their content, right? And a list of objects which do not necessarily have to move with you (but which can nevertheless): -Items you haven't used in a year. In a strictly pragmatic approach, we can consider that an object that has not been used for a year is not very useful and that we can therefore get rid of it. Then you have to put aside all the seasonal items such as the anoraks or the parasol whose usefulness is a function of time. Then you must not neglect the sentimental aspect: if the proximity of certain things make you happy (even without using them) useless to sacrifice yourself on the altar of decluttering. -Clothes you haven't worn in a year. Same thought for your wardrobe. It is difficult to sort by such a strict method as to get rid of everything that has not been worn for a year. You have the right to make exceptions but do not veil your face so far: no one can predict the return in grace of the suede jacket. And even if it does, yours will likely have an old-fashioned cut. Give!

Now is the time to sort through the wardrobe.

How to sort efficiently?

There is not only one method to sort but here are two that have proven themselves. -Sorting by pieces. The way to do this is quite simple: choose a room in your home and using two boxes (one for the gift, one for the trash) you clean your belongings. This method has the advantage of giving results very quickly which is good for morale. However, it does not deal with the problem as a whole (the same objects can be found in different rooms). -Sorting by type of objects. In this case, sorting is done throughout the house but on only one category of object at a time. For example, you can choose to sort all the books in the house, not just the ones in the library. What's interesting here is that you are doing the decluttering once and for all. Whether it's to give or sell, the rest is also much simpler since you won't have several places to deposit your belongings. The only drawback of this method is that the result is not immediately visible: the objects being scattered throughout the house, we see less of the work accomplished. For both methods, you will achieve better results if you establish a schedule (Monday I tackle the bedroom or linens), if you start long before the move (better is three months than a week) and if the whole family is going in the same direction.