Peas in the kitchen

Peas in the kitchen

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Crockery, table decoration, furniture ... From peas on your plate to peas in your kitchen decoration there is only one step, to take with our trendy advice of the moment.

Our advice before choosing peas for your kitchen

There are different types of peas, of different colors and of variable size, each time referring to a well-defined aesthetic current. This is why before falling for a pretty metal box with big polka dots or a renovated plastic chair with blue polka dots, ask yourself the right questions: do I have other accessories with patterns in my kitchen? If yes, do they combine with these new objects? Likewise, mixing decor trends can be a good idea, provided you master the mixes. Otherwise, watch out for the lack of taste!

1960s-style polka dot cuisine

The peas are 100% retro. Witness the furniture in the kitchens of the time and these shiny leatherette chairs dotted with these beautifully plump peas. Most often, it is the firefighter red that prevails, married to the white of the circles found on cookie boxes and on dry vegetable containers.

A "zen pop" style dotted kitchen

Today's peas are also the standard bearers of the pop movement with country accents (to be compared to bucolic design). In a gentle picnic spirit, discreet peas invade the tablecloths and plates. No flashy colors, but soft pink, baby blue, pale beige that "pops". If there are a little more vivid colors, then we speak of sweetly acidic pop peas, or the art of bringing life to your kitchen without overly attacking the eyes.

A luxury polka dot kitchen

Far from the kitsch sometimes associated with peas, make way for a slightly classy spirit, see literally luxury with the use of gold, silver. Consequently, the peas become elegant, festive patterns, which can be found on the dishes of large dinners with friends or on those of afternoon tea, afternoon tea with loved ones.