How to properly store your underwear?

How to properly store your underwear?

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For lack of time (and imagination), we tend to store our underwear in drawers. Result? We often end up with a happy bazaar. The bras are damaged, the pants are lost and the socks are left all alone. To make up for this lack of organization, we have put together all of our best tips for storing your underwear in style…

1. Tidy up your pants and underpants

© - commercially available models for drawers but nothing prevents you from creating them yourself using cardboard! Cut them out so that your dividers overlap with each other. Not only will you save money, but you will also be able to create dividers adapted to the dimensions of your storage. We also like the idea of ​​using PVC tubes (available in DIY stores) to store ladies' panties and men's briefs. You can take inspiration from the DIY of the blogger from Infarrantly creative to assemble the PVC tubes and customize them. In the same way, think of the rolls of toilet paper! Again, they will create ideal dividers for the storage of your panties. To customize them, you can use spray paint or even masking tape! Finally, for practical and refined storage, nothing prevents you from using glass jars! The candy boxes, for example, will cause a sensation and make you feel like you are in a real chic lingerie store!

2. Tidy up your bras

© - Admittedly, many of us put away our bras in a drawer. However, there are simple and practical solutions to prevent them from losing their shape and from being damaged (especially when it comes to lace…). Here are some of them: * Aligned and superimposed in a shoe box or a pretty basket, your bras will no longer go wrong. Remember to use tissue paper at the bottom and close the staples to preserve them as much as possible. * On hangers as in specialized shops. If you do not have enough space in your closets, consider screwing hooks on your hangers to accumulate them. This will allow you to create a cascade of hangers and save space. * On tie hangers, you can store your bras very easily and let them hang by the suspenders. * In the same genre, also think of coat racks or coat hooks! To install in a dressing area or inside a closet to save space again and again!

3. Tidy up your socks

© - If the socks can easily find refuge in boxes and other compartments, they should in any case be folded. We tend to fold them into a ball but you can take inspiration from this image to fold them square and thus optimize your storage spaces. For better organization, the dividers are, once again, in order! Recovery enthusiasts can use yogurt pots to stick to each other with hot glue. And to change boxes and drawers, we fall for the diversion of objects! A spice storage can thus be installed inside a cupboard door and act as storage dedicated to underwear. And if you are proud of your socks, remember to display them proudly on a rope using pretty pliers. The advantage? You won't risk ending up with unpaired pairs!