Brazilian atmosphere for an exotic interior

Brazilian atmosphere for an exotic interior

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Ah Brazil, its carnival, its warm sandy beaches ... And its decor! It is in our heads and inspires us, makes us want to give an exotic twist to our interior. But where to look? Do not panic, the big brands of decoration are up to date and we have the codes necessary for a beautiful Brazilian interior.

Many colors

What do you think of when you think of the Rio Carnival? With us, we first think of colors. They are indeed the key to a successful Brazilian and exotic decor. Ikea understood this well with its Tillfalle collection, dedicated to Brazil, which dares to mix colors and patterns. We especially like the Scandinavian chest of drawers with colorful doors (€ 289).


They are of great importance. For a guaranteed effect, opt for pretty animal or tropical patterns and decline them as much as possible. A beautiful "savannah" wallpaper on the walls can be very chic. Adopt, for example, the pretty printed cushions from La Redoute Interiors.

Bamboo furniture

Bamboo, and other exotic woods such as wenge, are always a good choice when you want to bring a bit of warm country decor to your interior. We love the Maisons du Monde bamboo lounge and its colorful cushions, perfect for enjoying the summer.

Renew your garden furniture

By this heat, nobody stays inside. So set your sights on this pretty garden furniture that has been making your eye for so long. Find inspiration in the Maisons du Monde Brazil collection.

It's all in the details

The most successful decorations pay particular attention to detail. For a bit of exoticism, you can't go wrong with these pretty - and very exotic - H&M Home golden pineapples.


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