Before / After: Open up an apartment to let the light circulate

Before / After: Open up an apartment to let the light circulate

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Architectural trends are now turning to open and airy interiors, in contrast to the many small rooms very popular during the 1950s to 1980s. Open kitchens, XXL living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms combined… Decompartmentalization has definitely the wind in its sails! In this three-room apartment located in the Lyonnaise region, the owners were tired of the lack of light and the traffic made difficult by the configuration of their property. In question, too narrow parts and useless partitions! To reconfigure the different spaces of their apartment, they called on the agency Créateurs d'Intérieurs, specialized in the renovation of houses, apartments, terraces and balconies. After work, the metamorphosis is significant!

The kitchen becomes the heart of the apartment

Before : When the architects of the interior designers agency visit this beautiful three-room apartment of 63m2 for the first time, they discover a warm but slightly cluttered home. In question, the small rooms and the many open shelves that give visitors a feeling of overflow. The entrance to the apartment leads to a corridor which leads to the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room. Its multiple libraries open from floor to ceiling no longer appeal to owners, who would now like to hide their content to purify this space and make it more attractive. Another negative point, the kitchen. Small and closed, it displays a very marked 90s look with its plywood furniture and its stone imitation worktop. In addition to her change of style, the couple would like it to become the heart of the apartment ... a living room in its own right!

After : After several weeks of work, the property has taken a completely different turn! A minimalist entrance, an open and airy kitchen ... the owners can be delighted with this new layout, which now places the kitchen at the center of their living space. This last bet on the association wood / white which marries ideally with the whole of the new decoration. Its surface includes that of the old kitchen and the living room, which has enabled the installation of a large bar on which the family can now take their meals. Simple and very functional, this new space finally breathes!

An XXL living room

Before : The living / dining room is cozy but too small for the owners, who like the kitchen would like to take advantage of a more modern and airy space. The large dark wooden storage unit at the back of the room literally "eats" the light while giving a feeling of space.

After : The architects of the Créateurs d'Intérieur agency have once again opted for decompartmentalization by opening one of the bedrooms to the kitchen. Transformed into a living room, this large room which the owners did not use is ideal for accommodating a seating area as well as a dining table. Another highlight of the room is the huge window that bathes the light space! The new, more logical configuration now places the bedroom at the back of the apartment in the location of the old living room. Separated from the living room by a pretty workshop style partition, it has the advantage of letting light circulate from one end to the other of the new living-dining room. More info on