When kawaii style comes to the kitchen

When kawaii style comes to the kitchen

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1.Kawaii book, too cute Japanese recipes by Laure Kié, Mango edition, € 12.95 2. Set of 3 Cutebox napkin holders, € 2.90 3. Chez Fée aperitif flat bowl, € 18.60 4. Magnetic bottle opener Tamtokki, € 4.90 5. Joli Bento animal sticks, € 6.90 6. Luhy Shop cat mug, € 9.20 7. Camila Prada printed plate, € 23.20 8. Panda Salad bowl How to ruin, 24.95 € 9.Kawaii Boutique silicone mold, € 9.90 10.Cirillus face bowl (x2), € 12

What is Kawaii?

For those who do not yet know Kawaii, this is a Japanese term which means "cute". Regularly used in everyday life to describe everything that is considered cute, this word is particularly related to Japanese pop culture. In recent years, the Kawaii movement, initially reserved for the Japanese archipelago, has developed widely, even being exported to many Asian countries. The best known are South Korea and China. If the trend has not yet completely arrived in Europe, it has something to make us fall in love with. Indeed, seeing the immediate and ultra-cute effect that provokes all the objects belonging to Kawaii fashion, difficult to resist…

Kawaii in your kitchen

Have you just discovered this phenomenon coming straight from Japan and are impatient at the idea of ​​bringing it into your cocoon? That's good, many creations are waiting for that! Today, we offer you, through an original selection and made by us (see photo above) what give your kitchen a Kawaii spirit really too choupinou ... Plates, mugs, Japanese chopsticks, bowls, tea towel holder and even a cookbook, these are all accessories that will brighten up your space like never before. You will understand, there is a good chance that your kitchen will become the most endearing place in your home!