Hema shopping for a successful birthday snack

Hema shopping for a successful birthday snack

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1. Lot of 10 plates € 1.75 2. Lot of 10 pearly balloons € 1.25 3. Lot of 10 forks € 1 4. 3 paper balls € 2.50 5. Flag garland € 1.50 6. Lot of 5 cups 1 € 7. Cocktail spikes 1 € 8. Lot of 10 cups 1.75 € 9. Lot of 30 straws 2 € 10. Lot of 10 cups 1.25 €

A colorful and festive table

That's it, it's D-Day! The long-awaited birthday of your pretty blonde head is celebrated with joy and good humor! For a colorful and festive table that will impress all your friends, bet on inexpensive accessories from Hema. A word of advice: send the color! In the sky, the blue is degraded on the paper balls (2 € for the 3 balls) and the pearly balloons (1.25 € the set of 10) and is found on small plastic forks (1 € the set of 10) and cups to serve ice and candies galore. To please both boys and girls, pink is also used as a starter, in a pastel version on cardboard cups that adults almost want to steal.

Mix of patterns and shapes

For a whimsical taste, mix patterns and shapes. We alternate the circles (plates, paper balls, balloons) and the triangles on the garlands. Also place country motifs on the plates found on the goblets. We mismatch by keeping a harmony for a table that will cause a sensation, all for 15 euros. What more can be said ? Happy birthday!