10 ecological gestures to adopt in your kitchen

10 ecological gestures to adopt in your kitchen

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Preserving the planet and the environment begins with a few simple everyday actions. In the kitchen where most of the household appliances are assembled, attention needs to be more sustained. Here are ten daily actions that will reduce energy consumption and the production of pollutants:

Choose class A

Choose household appliances classified A, A + or even A ++, which consume less energy.

Favor off-peak hours

Run the washing machine or dishes during off-peak hours (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.). This avoids overproduction of electricity and the construction of nuclear power plants in the longer term. Some machines are equipped with a off-peak system, calibrating on EDF.

Opt for eco-labeled products

Use cleaning products marked with the "Ecolabel" flower. This European certification certifies that the products contribute to respect for the environment while being as effective and efficient as similar products, intended for the same use. (Example: Rainett, Green Tree ... Some products from major brands also have this label)

Put lids on the pans

To boil water, do not forget to put a lid, this divides by 4 the energy necessary to maintain the boil for 1.5 liters of water.

Defrost your refrigerator regularly

Defrost the refrigerator every 6 months so that it consumes less energy.

Recycle water

Use a basin of water in the sink. Collect the water in a basin, and use it to water indoor and outdoor plants for example.

Choose washing balls

Use washing balls. Composed of ceramic balls, these balls do not pollute the water and therefore have no impact on the environment. (Example: Starwax Soluvert wash ball).

Drink tap water

Drink tap water, this avoids the transport of mineral water and plastic waste.

Forget about aluminum

Prefer plastic film to aluminum sheets. Aluminum production requires an enormous amount of energy.

Use the basics for household

Avoid disposable products such as cleaning wipes or paper towels and prefer sponges and mops that are used several times. It's up to you now!