Our tips for choosing fake flowers that look real

Our tips for choosing fake flowers that look real

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You want to bring a vegetal touch to your interior decoration but do not have a green thumb. Set your sights on artificial flowers and plants, taking care to choose a high-end quality. Very realistic, these fake flowers that seem real need no care.

Buy fake flowers from specialists

Object of trendy decoration, the synthetic flower is available today in a wide palette of colors and materials of good quality. To offer you these products very different from plastic flowers of the 80s, it is better to turn to the specialists and craftsmen of imitation flowers. Emilio Robba and Hervé Gambs are among the references. Some shops and websites specializing in fake flowers, which are more real than life, offer such a wide variety of varieties that they make the most discerning gardeners jealous.

Opt for a delicate touch

To choose fake flowers that appear true, touch is important. That of high quality synthetic flowers is exceptional and inseparable from the visual aspect of the stems, leaves, flowers and flower buds. Buying artificial flowers via the Internet does not allow you to touch the products, this means contacting a site renowned for the high quality of its false plants.

Choose the beautiful materials

The quality and beauty of fake flowers depends on the material used for their manufacture. The most beautiful result is obtained thanks to the combination of silk and latex for the petals and flower buds, and to the tergal for the leaves. The stems and branches are dried wood. This combination gives an ultra realistic and therefore very natural effect which brings a lot of elegance to interior decoration.

Treat yourself to a seasonal bouquet of fake flowers

Compose your own artificial floral bouquet by purchasing your fake stem flowers. For a realistic combination, it is preferable to marry flowers that bloom during the same season. Seasonality is an important detail that contributes to the realism of a bouquet. If this notion goes beyond you, treat yourself to bouquets of fake flowers ready-made each season and vary the colors for a decor that's not frozen.

Combine fake flowers and foliage

A perfect bouquet usually consists of flowers and foliage. The leaves, variegated, ribbed or plain, enhance the colors of the floral elements. This combination of foliage and synthetic flowers also gives volume to the composition and structures the arrangement of a room. By opting for large plants, you can even define an interior space in the most natural way possible.

Choosing the right content for a truer-than-life artificial bouquet

The pot or vase is as important as the fake flowers it hosts. Choose it carefully, in line with the floral varieties you have purchased. It is a decorative element in its own right that should magnify a floral composition. Be trendy! From the hanging glass ball to the free-standing zinc bowl, the current collection of hyper realistic fake flower containers allows everyone to create a sumptuous, elegant and refined harmony. Once in place, artificial plants require only a simple dusting from time to time to maintain their original beauty for many years.