Before / After: create a play area in the living room

Before / After: create a play area in the living room

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This architect-designed house of 250 square meters has been raised. The goal ? Add an entire floor dedicated to a family and playful room. And for good reason, the space created by the My Home Design agency includes both a relaxation area and an office area for adults, but also a large playroom for children. Here is how the architect created this play corner like no other. Area: 60m² Budget: Not disclosed

Elevate the house

Before: Initially, the house only had two floors. The owners wanted to have a third level in the form of a large living room that would include a lounge area for parents and a play area for children. The attic therefore had to be moved to create from scratch a real children's play area in a living room.

After: An elevation of this architect's house of 250 square meters was made in order to create a third level entirely dedicated to a multifunctional room that is both family and fun. If the play corner has been installed in the living room it is for good reason. In fact, the children's rooms were not very large and the children of this family not having many years apart, they play a lot together. The bedrooms therefore remain dedicated to rest, work and reading while the games room offers more free space on the ground for fun and creative activities.

A family space for young and old

Before: The owners wanted to have a family room that brings together three very distinct areas: a workspace with a desk for parents who often work at home, a more cozy TV corner for relaxing with the family, and finally a games room. for the little ones. This room is friendly and pleasant for the whole family but also allows children to be able to play with their friends in a space dedicated to them while being closely watched.

After: On the ground, a solid parquet floor was laid. The TV corner has plenty of storage space and allows you to relax comfortably on your sofa

On the other side of the room, the office corner is very designer, in particular thanks to the green wall, the glass roof and the Vertigo pendant lamp signed Constance Guisset.

Different spaces for different activities

After: In the games area, colors and accessories define the space. The walls were painted in duck blue only in the kids' corner while vintage Kidimo decorative letters form the word "Play" on one of the walls. The games room is divided into several zones.

On one side, you can play Playmobil, on the other, Lego on a dedicated table, while children can have fun in a kitchen-DIY area.

Kids can also sit on a large desk to do more artistic activities like painting, coloring or modeling clay. Girls and boys can therefore move from one game to another without getting bored. Finally, table football brings the whole family together in frenzied games!

Learn to tidy up while having fun

After: Here, even the storage is fun! The typical Amsterdam-style cupboards contain large transparent boxes that allow each toy to be stored in its place, but also that toddlers see at a glance the contents of each storage box.

The toy chest is also very easy to store under the table to free up space and clean it more easily.

For more info, visit the My Home Design website


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